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[CAS Number 1185039-20-6] Gabapentin-D4 is a stable-labeled internal standard used for the quantification of gabapentin. Gabapentin, sold under brand names s...
Article no. GAB-1682
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[CAS Number 22204-53-1] Naproxen is a propionic acid derivative and non-selective COX inhibitor marketed under the brand name Aleve. This anti-inflammatory a...
Article no. NPR-1718
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[CAS Number 298-46-4] Carbamazepine is a tricyclic compound and mood-stabilizing drug with anticonvulsant and analgesic properties. Sold under brand names su...
Article no. CBM-1732
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[CAS Number 15687-27-1] Ibuprofen, sold under the brand name Advil, is a non-steroidal drug (NSAID) and non-selective COX inhibitor used to treat fever, infl...
Article no. IBP-1734
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[CAS Number 33286-22-5] Diltiazem.hydrochloride is a benzothiazepine derivative that acts as a calcium channel blocker. Diltiazem.HCl is used to treat hypert...
Article no. DLT-1831-HC
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[CAS Number 29122-68-7] Atenolol is a synthetic isopropylamino-propanol derivative and cardioselective beta-blocker. Atenolol is primarily used to treat card...
Article no. ATN-1853-FB
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[CAS Number 64315-36-2] Paracetamol-D4, also known as Acetaminophen-D4, is an internal standard used to quantify paracetamol (acetaminophen). Paracetamol is...
Article no. PAR-1896
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[CAS Number 1707-14-8] Phenmetrazine hydrochloride is a sympathomimetic drug with central nervous system stimulant activity. Sold under the name Preludin, Ph...
Article no. PHM-1894-HC
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[CAS Number 1218911-16-0] Carisoprodol-D7 is an internal standard used for the quantification of carisoprodol. Carisoprodol, sold under the brand same Soma,...
Article no. CSP-1580
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[CAS Number 81-81-2] Warfarin, sold under the brand name Coumadin, is an anticoagulant primarily used to prevent blood clot formation and migration; however,...
Article no. WAR-1922
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