Frequently Asked Questions

Common Issues 

1) Not receiving confirmation emails from us?

The most common cause of not receiving our confirmation emails (or acknowledging that you requested a quote, etc.), is due to your email server's anti-spam setup. Please ask your email administrator to whitelist and Emails from the website originate from these but with a reply-to for us. 

Has your admin added these to the mail and spam filter's whitelist and you still aren't getting these? Please let us know  -- email us at

2) Why can't I see prices?

In order to view product prices, please create an account by clicking here. Then follow the instructions in the confirmation email.

Already have any account on this website? Great! Login with your username and password!

3) Can I use my own shipping account?

Yes, no problem. When checking out, there is the option of collect shipping. Select this option and we'll contact you to get your account information.  We will also inquire if you want your package sent overnight or second day. Only valid in the United States.