• Available References

    JWH-073 N-(2-hydroxybutyl) metabolite

    Formula C23H21NO2
    Product reference number jwh-1432
    Product reference number jwh-1432
    Formula C23H21NO2
    Molecular weight 343.42
    Appearance white to off-white crystalline powder
    IR corresponds
    NMR corresponds to structure
    MS MH+ corresponds
    HPLC purity [%] >98.5
  • Order
    JWH-1432-0.1LM 0.1 mg/1 ml solution in methanol
    JWH-1432-1LM 1.0 mg/1 ml solution in methanol
    INQUIRE JWH-1432-1 1.0 mg powder
    JWH-1432-10 10 mg powder
    JWH-1432-50 50 mg powder
    JWH-1432-100 100 mg powder

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